We deliver contract free, fully flexible online marketing solutions that focus on increasing your bottom line.

Online Marketing These Days

These days finding honest, unbiased online marketing help can be difficult and at times frustrating. Businesses can go to 5 online marketing companies and get 5 different and often conflicting recommendations. Naturally, this makes the decision on which online marketing business to place your trust (and dollars) with a difficult one. Making the wrong choice will not only leave you out of pocket, you’ll most likely feel apprehensive about investing more money into an advertising medium that’s a proven winner when the right strategy is implemented.

A Fresh Approach To Online Marketing & Search Engine Advertising

This is one of the many issues that prompted the creation of Searchlight Online Marketing in early 2010. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased, honest advice and recommendations on how to best market and sell your product or service online. Over the last 6 years, our business has constantly evolved to ensure we are at the forefront of the everchanging digital landscape. Our no “lock-in” contracts give you full flexibility to advertise and market your business based on your actual business needs. Its also our way of showing you that we will deliver on what we promise, we have to or you will leave!

Our Partners

Searchlight Online Marketing is a Google Certified Partner and has formed strategic partnerships with other industry experts who share our visions and beliefs. Together we take a unified approach and a broad online skill set to provide you with integrated online marketing solutions that focus on growing your bottom line.

Reporting – Interested In Monitoring Your Return On Investment (ROI)?

Who wouldn’t be! If you are investing in any form of advertising there should be metrics in place that can demonstrate the ROI you receive for your advertising dollar. There are comprehensive reporting and sales tracking features available through both SEO and PPC advertising. This provides you, the advertiser, with the highest level of advertising performance measurement and the ability to closely monitor your ROI. It also gives us the facility to monitor and adjust your advertising campaign and website based on actual visitor behaviour. This ensures that your website and advertising are firing on all cylinders and delivering you the best possible results.

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