About Searchlight Online Marketing

The Problem That Led To The Birth Of Searchlight Online Marketing

During our 10+ years in the advertising industry advising thousands of local businesses we have come across the same problem time and again. For many local businesses, online advertising is a new beast for which they possess limited knowledge. Taking the first step by obtaining advice from multiple online providers presented problems such as inflexible, long term “lock-in” contracts and often confusing and conflicting online advertising advice. This made it prohibitive to many businesses wanting to move forward with an effective online marketing strategy as it was thrown in the “all too hard” basket.

The Solution

This prompted the development of Searchlight Online Marketing, which is 100% contract-free. Our no-obligation online marketing solutions are tailored to address your specific requirements. We look to ease your concerns and help you take advantage of the huge amounts of consumers searching online by explaining in simple English how it works and what you can expect to receive.

What We Do

We create highly effective yet affordable online marketing solutions that cater specifically to small to medium businesses needs. We build ongoing business relationships and work with you to ensure you are getting the best return on investment from your online marketing spend. At Searchlight, we love drawing on our experience to do whatever we can to help small to medium businesses succeed.

Where We’ve Come From

At Searchlight we have a long history in advertising across a broad range of media including online, print, radio, outdoor and publishing. Like most consumers these days, we’ve abandoned traditional media to focus on the number 1 place people are turning to connect with your business – the internet.

Our Partners

Searchlight has formed strategic partnerships with online media professionals that share our visions and beliefs. We can now offer a full suite of online marketing products and services including web design, pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation, Google Places pages and professional copywriting. We work together with our trusted and talented partners to ensure your website and online marketing campaigns are firing on all cylinders.