The Essential Ingredients That Are Critical To Online Marketing Success

Your Website

Your website must have compelling information that talks to your target market – writing, images and design must be tailored so it “connects” with this market, convinces and prompts your market to take more action, the next step in the buying process. Remember this – potential customers who are not referred to your business are making their decision on whether to make contact with you solely on the message you are sending them. If it doesn’t resonate with them and convince them to take more action, well, your competitors are only a click or 2 away.

Lets Say I Am Your Target Market

Talk about how you can solve my problems, what you can do to help me. What are the recurring questions people ask when they call you for a quote? What are their concerns? Answer these questions on your website while building trust and credibility and you’ll go a long way towards converting a healthy chunk of clicks to enquiries, and, a healthy chunk of enquiries to sales.

Dont Do This!

Don’t fall into the trap of rambling on about how good your business is as people will quickly yawn and with one click they will be gone, never to return. Build credibility with testimonials, experience, association memberships and examples of jobs completed but be sure to maintain a strong focus on what you can do for your customers.

Calls To Action

OK, great – you’ve managed to keep your new website visitors attention, answered their needs while building trust in your product or service. What now? Its quite simple but so often neglected – tell them what you want them to do next! Call for a free consultation or quote, sign up for our newsletter, become a part of our database, whatever the action is you want them to take – tell them! This is also another great opportunity for you to offer value when users are getting closer to making their purchasing decision so be sure to offer them something to further assist in their purchasing decision. Compelling and benefit rich calls to action are proven to significantly increase the amount of enquiries and sales coming from your website. But don’t just take our word for it, see what the Australian Government has to say about it –

Website Navigation

Have you ever been to a website and had trouble finding the information you were looking for? What did you do? If you said “I left and went searching elsewhere” you would be like the overwhelming majority of online users. Your website should flow and follow a natural progression, there should be multiple options so the user can easily choose which piece of information they would like to view and read next. Having a user friendly inbound linking structure will not only help for a more engaging and pleasant user experience, it will also help your website rank higher and be more relevant to the search engines – for non paid and paid listings.

Search Engines

Your website must be built so that it talks to the main search engines, a term that is often used is “search engine friendly”. There are a number of critical factors, we will touch on a few of the main ones here. They are:

  • Keyword Research
  • URL Optimisation
  • Meta Data Optimisation
  • On Page Content Optimisation
  • Sitemap Creation

Online Marketing – Throw It Out There!

You’ve created your compelling and persuasive website that speaks to your target market, conveys trust and credibility, has strong calls to action, is easy to navigate and is search engine friendly. What now? You need to market this new beast online! There are many different ways you can do this. One simple (and free) way is to sign up to the multitude of online directories that exist these days. Just Google “free online directories” – an easy way to get more exposure and traffic to your site. If you want to get serious about creating a potentially very lucrative new revenue stream for your business then you should consider:

Google Adwords – Appear in 1st page results when a potential customer is looking to connect with a business like yours online. Appear in the paid advertising for an unlimited amount of relevant keywords and get up on the 1st page of Google in less than 1 week

Search Engine Optimisation – Establish your top 10, 20 or 30 keywords then start on page and off page work to get you ranking of the 1st page of Google and other search engines. Time frames for 1st page rankings are dependent on industry and competition

Social Media Marketing – Create a business page to maintain contact with customers, connect with new customers, list special offers and provide information that is interesting or useful to your fans. Facebook cost per click advertising is also available if it is relevant and viable for your industry

Lets Recap

  • Website design is user friendly
  • Website content is compelling and speaks to target market
  • Website is designed to be search engine friendly
  • Website is promoted and advertised on major search engines

Get these 4 critical factors right and you’ll have a strong foundation for online marketing success. And remember – every chink in the armour takes a chunk of the revenue!

Problems in the Industry V Searchlight Difference

The Process

Sales rep comes out to see you. All they are really interested in is making the sale so some may offer false promises or set false expectations in order to get you to sign on the dotted line. Sales reps also want to get sales in as quickly as possible so they wont look at the big picture when it comes to online marketing. The most important aspects of converting visitors into customers is your website. If it doesn’t have compelling information that prompts the visitor to take action then they will simply leave your website and choose someone else.

Your campaign gets created by someone who knows the back end of Google Adwords. This is fine from a campaign creation perspective however when it comes to writing your ads you fill find that their experience doesn’t lie in creating compelling advertising copy. Result – poor ads that lead to poor click through rates that lead to low quality scores that lead to poor performing Google campaigns.

The “set and forget” mentality. Once your campaign is up and running and getting the right amount of clicks for your budget very little attention will be given to your campaign. You are normally locked in to a 6 or 12 month contract so unless you call them and say you aren’t getting any leads or sales they will not take a proactive approach to ensure your advertising is performing. They WILL call you when your contract is about to expire – looking for a renewal of course.

The Searchlight Difference

We dont send hungry sales reps out looking solely to close the deal at any cost. You will deal directly with one person for everything. Our commitment is to get you the best return on investment possible. Our reward for this is keeping you as a customer.

We dont make false promises about what you can expect to receive.

A qualified Google Adwords Professional will set up your Google campaign. Your ads will be written by an advertising professional with over 10 years experience writing ads.
We want to have ongoing contact with you over the first few months. This is the most important time to test, refine and optimise your campaign based on real time results. We want to know directly from you that our work is delivering enquiries and sales.