Google My Business | Google Maps – Put Your Business On The Local Map

In 2016 Google has made further changes to how Google Maps listings are delivered. People will often conduct a search that includes a location such as suburb, area or city. When a search with location data occurs, Google Maps listings now typically show the top 3 advertisers with an option to click on “more places”.

Google Maps is a great way to attain top of page rankings and drive local traffic to your website and/or store via desktop and mobile.

Google AdWords Benefits

Your Google Maps listing can be linked to your Google AdWords campaign to show your business location in your ad text when a local search is conducted. This can show your potential customer where you are located on their mobile device or desktop. If your business is dependant on local users, displaying your address in your ads can drive more visitors to your website and/or store.

When Your Company Name Is Searched

If your company name is searched, Google will typically show your Google Maps listing along with your logo and additional business images. This ensures your business occupies a significant chunk of the top of page real estate which is fantastic for branding. It also safeguards against people being sidetracked by competitors ads or organic results and you losing a sale to a competitor after someone searched for your company name. Yes – it happens!

Google Maps Optimisation Process

Google Maps can draw your business data from multiple 3rd party websites to show your basic business information on the Google Maps platform. To completely optimise your maps listing, you must create a Google My Business page. Display your business location, opening hours, directions, logos, photos, reviews, multiple business categories and more.

An optimised Google Maps (Google My Business) Page is one of the most affordable ways to get 1st page exposure for localised searches on Google. A simple once off setup fee covers you for creation, optimisation, ongoing management and reporting of your Google+ Local page. Its an easy way for local consumers to find, connect and do business with you.

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