The Internet Is Running Out Of Room!

With so many people using so many different devices to access the internet across the world the internet is actually running out of room!

What do you mean running out of room?
People are not only using computers, tablets and phones to access the internet, they now have devices such as TV’s, watches, cars and fridges that have online access – each with their own unique IP address. This is putting a serious strain on the current system which only has room for approximately 4 billion IP addresses.

Whats being done to combat this?
Google is making some plumbing adjustments and when the project is finished there will be 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses available for various online equipped devices across the world. This is not a typo, 340 trillion trillion trillion has a lot of zero’s. Lets just make up a word and call it a gazillion! A gazillion new IP addresses will allow infinite room for the internet to grow both now and well into the future. Gotta go, my fridge just sent a text message to my phone saying the milk has expired……

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